“Before working with JC, I got all my information through articles, Internet forums, and magazines. While this helped somewhat, it often gave me conflicting ideas that left me confused and frustrated. JC not only taught me great programs that helped me make more progress than I ever had before, but he also presented them in a way that did not require extreme lifestyle changes or obsessive behavior. The lessons I learned through JC will be ones I will use for the rest of my lifting days, and am extremely grateful to him for showing me the way.”


Bryan D.

“Thanks to you, I seem to be having this problem with getting stronger on my cut. I never had this happen before. It’s crazy. Never been stronger OR leaner before.”


Philipe Rodrigues

“Working with JC has not only been great for both my training and nutrition. I no longer obsess about shit that doesn’t matter wether it’s a diet trend or some new workout. Now i feel much more sane and I’m able to focus more on things i love doing like maxing out on my deadlift and celebrating with a box of cheerios.

Thank you JC”


Chris Brown

This experience has truly changed my life and I am grateful to JC for all his patience and guidance he has shown and given me over the last few months. I hope I can spread the word of his work to others and that his popularity grows rapidly, because people do not know what they have been missing.


Aaron Powers

“About two years ago I stumbled upon JC’s article on ‘Former Fat Boy Syndrome’ and was hooked on the raw, no-BS information I was reading. JC’s articles on caloric deficit/surplus introduced me to some of the most vital, yet basic weight-lifting information that I was never made aware of through prior training and reading.

The best part about JC’s information is that there is no product being pitched, and there is never a strict regiment required in order to obtain certain results. From reading all of this free information, I was able to construct my own diet solely based on hitting a caloric deficit to lose weight. When I first started reading and participating in JC’s articles I weighed 215 pounds at age 18, standing 5’10″ tall.

A little while later I had reached 195 pounds solely on a caloric deficit diet. Add high-intesity training to the mix and I stood 170 pounds, and the leanest I had ever been. Now transitioning into becoming stronger I began JC’s beginners strength program and in two months I have doubled the weight on every lift, and sit again at 195 pounds, but with a completely different physical appearance and aesthetic. I am so grateful for the energy and time that JC has put into his website and articles, this was too easy!”


Kate Gates

I started weight lifting two years ago and a few months in, I knew I needed some guidance.  I reached out to JC Deen and I’m so glad I did!  Not only did he provide me with quality programming and nutritional advice, I truly felt like he cared about my progress.

He responded to all of my questions and videos promptly and gave me the support I needed during my first bulk.

I would have bailed on my program a few weeks in without him!  Throughout this process I’ve hit several PR’s, 225 trap bar deadlift, 250 barbell hip thrust, and body weight chin-ups and pull-ups.  But the best part has been cultivating confidence in my physique and performance, not to mention getting to know JC, who is a pretty awesome guy.



Nicole C.

Being pretty thin my entire life, I never felt the need to pick up a weight. Of course my mid-twenties happened and it seemed as if out of no where my clothes started to become too tight! I had no clue about fitness, weight loss, fat loss, none of that.

I did my best to research and ended up on the low cal, low carb, clean eating cardio train. I hit a wall and wasn’t seeing the results I wanted.

Tired of the BS I just happened to google “Clean Eating is a Scam”. JC’s article on the subject was the first that was listed in the search. That article seriously changed everything I thought I knew or understood about fat loss and sanity through dieting.

Under his guidance I was able to lean out with fundamentals that I didn’t think would work for me and my body type. No cardio and proper nutrition with my sanity in check! Couldn’t have had a better experience!