Alan Aragon – Alan is a dear friend and has played a major role in my development as a fitness writer and skeptic. It’s he who first encouraged me to look at research first before making a decision. I cannot recommend his Research Review enough and he writes random awesomeness on his blog from time to time.

Lyle McDonald – This guy, by far, is probably the smartest guy in the industry. I’ve often referred to his material time and time again when I get stuck. His advice and information is cut and dry and there’s never any BS.

Leigh Peele – Leigh is a personal favorite of mine. I love the way she interacts with her audience and her information is solid. Be sure to check out her Fat Loss Troubleshoot.

Jamie Hale – Another guy who has influence me majorly in terms of research and practicality. Be sure to check out his books Knowledge and Non-sense and his latest: Should I Eat the Yolk?

LeanGains – Martin has greatly influenced me to be objective in all things and focus on what’s actually occurring as opposed to relying on emotional biases.

RogLaw Fitness – A really good friend of mine. He’s a great writer and has lots of inside knowledge after his internship at Cressey Performance. Make sure you bookmark his site. His content is top-notch.

Fitness Black Book – Rusty’s style is great and I enjoy reading the comments on his articles. He writes about getting the lean, Hollywood look as opposed to what’s written about on most fitness and bodybuilding sites.

–much more to come as I need to update this page–