LGN365 – Look Great Naked: A Complete Body-Recomposition Course

LGN365 is a comprehensive fitness course that covers fat loss, muscle gain, and strategies for maintaining the amazing body you’ve built.

With 7 training programs, excel macronutrient calculators, full training guide, 12 exercise demo videos, 5 expert interview videos and podcasts, you have all the tools you need to create the body of your dreams.

Not only do you learn ‘what’ to do, but you also learn the ‘whys’ behind everything I’ve laid out for you. In short, you’re getting my entire fitness philosophy all wrapped up into one fully featured multimedia course.


Gainz: Getting The Most Out Of Your Muscle Building Beginning

Coming soon. I’m currently testing training programs in a group setting to make sure you get the most out of your muscle building beginning. Make sure to subscribe to my exclusive email list for updates and you’ll be notified as soon as everything is ready for the public.


FitSmart Podcast with JC Deen and RogLaw

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