What To Do When You’re Not Motivated

Motivation can be very hard to come by… but when it does, you get excited, and ready to make a change.

However, if you only act when motivation rolls around… well, you probably won’t get much, if anything, done at all.

Watch the video below to learn why:

Action Must Precede Motivation

Video Notes:

2 Types of motivation:

  1. short-term – the moment you get excited to make a change. It’s usually spurred by seeing an image of a physique you aspire to having, or hearing about a friend who lost 20 pounds in 12 weeks.
  2. long-term – what comes from lots of consistent action, and practice, which turns into a positive feedback loop (hint: this is what we’re after)

We cover one of the ‘Six Perils’ from my book Stay Leaner, Longer.

It’s called Information Overload (having so much information that it keeps you from doing anything).

3 Main Points

1:27 — 1. you must act in spite of being motivated.

Main IDEA: Motivation is not something that happens very often, so you must do something, regardless of ‘feeling motivated’ all the time.

2:50 — 2. Take advantage of the instantaneous motivation.

Write it down, and capture your emotions and desires during that time to reference later when you have zero motivation.

3:19 — 3. How to make sure you stay motivated.

sll_ipad1-215x300The basis of ensuring you remain motivated is all about creating habits. After you’ve created the habits, you then create the constraints.

Over time, you’l get better and better results, which allows you more motivation. It compounds over time, but it only comes if you act in spite of not always feeling like doing something.

To learn more about discovering why you might be struggling with motivation, and learning how to create better habits that serve you forever, check out Stay Leaner, Longer.

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Are You Unbreakable? The Importance Of Mobility For Training And Daily Life


Today’s article is a guest post by Kate Galliett, Author of The Unbreakable Body, a web-based strength & conditioning program. Kate holds a BS in Exercise Science and has worked as a fitness professional for 12 years.

Now more than ever, we are finding ourselves juxtaposed between two worlds.

In one world, we want to be able to do more, lift more, fit more into our days; while in the other world, we find ourselves desperately desiring to chill out, to get real about a meditation practice, to not have stress kicking us in the pants at every turn.

Not to mention, the message is out there and the volume is turned to full blast –

Stress zaps fat loss efforts.

Stress zaps strength gains.

Chronic stress is absolutely affecting the gains you’re after in physique, performance, and health.

JC is well aware of this, having coached me through stressful periods of life and with his guidance on stress-reduction and nutrition, I saw my body comp get to a level I am incredibly pleased with.

And, we did this while paralleling the most stressful period of time I’d seen in the last 10 years – when my body comp, in the past, would have been falling apart, it actually improved tremendously.

JC is an amazing coach, one whom I respect immensely, that is for sure. So it was an honor when he turned to me for assistance on one of his goals.

“Can you help me get into lotus position?,” his text said.

We’d been talking about our meditation practice, and what tools we’d been using for handling stress in our lives.

He had a goal of incorporating more stillness into his day. In working on that goal, he felt compelled to work towards lotus position, the seated position used in many eastern meditation practices where you cross your legs and rest each foot on the opposing thigh — like this: [Read more…]

How To Lose Weight: The Best Way To Lose Fat, and Avoid Fad Diets

The phrase ‘how to lose weight’ is one of the most commonly searched terms in Google, and it’s no surprise given the obesity epidemic in America.

When someone searches for ‘how to lose weight,’ they’re almost always looking for an explanation or solution on how to lose fat. Losing weight is quite easy, but losing body fat, and keeping it off, is a more intricate process.

There are great, as well as horrendous, ways to go about this process. Some will leave you lean, strong and happy, while others will leave you hungry, famished, and prone to gaining the weight (and fat) back.

For a step-by-step fat loss plan, check out LGN365.

In this piece, I’m going to cover the following topics:

  • How to lose weight (what is weight loss, really?)
  • What fat loss is
  • What causes fat loss to happen
  • How to lose weight/fat fast (though not recommended)
  • How to lose weight with fad diets (not the best idea)
  • Can you eat junk food and still lose fat?
  • My thoughts on IIFYM (if it fits your macros)
  • The use of fat loss supplements
  • Should you follow a specific meal plan?
  • All about food combinations
  • My preferred method for losing weight, torching body fat and keeping it off

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What Is Weight Loss?

I understand the question seems simple, but it needs a definition and some explanation for further understanding. [Read more…]

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Physique Development: Being Better Than Your Blind Spots


For the physique-conscious individual, we aren’t plagued by what we don’t know, but more so by all the unknown unknowns.

It’s a blind spot. We all have them, but rarely cognizant of this fact. It can keep us stagnant for far longer than it should.

What do I mean exactly?

We are a people in pursuit of excellence. We want to be bigger, leaner, stronger, faster, more flexible.

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The Psychological Woes Of Physique Enhancement – Why People Fail, Negative Feedback Loops, And The Plague That Is The Shortcut Mentality

I get hundreds of messages each week via email and Facebook—many of which I’m happy to reply and offer help. However, I see a common occurrence that is robbing many of the amazing results they could have.

It’s the shortcut mentality. We want everything to happen quickly, all the while doing as little work possible. It’s why all the ads and media hype promising abs in 15 minute workouts, or a beach-ready physique with little time investment is a crock of cow feces.

In the wise words of Ronnie Coleman, “everyone wants to be a bodybuilder, but don’t nobody wanna lift no heavy ass weight!”

While we all may laugh at his sayings and mannerisms, he’s got a point. Everyone wants the prize, but no one wants to put in the work. [Read more…]

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