Hey, thanks for wanting to get in touch with  me. I try to respond asap, but these days we’re looking at about a 2-3 day time period before I can get back with you, so don’t lose hope if I don’t reply within the hour.

Email Policy:

When writing, please be mindful of my time. If you write 10 long paragraphs, I have a really hard time processing it all at once because I know it’s going to take more than 2-3 minutes to read, think about and respond.

If you can’t say what you need to in 5 sentences or less, please rethink what you’re trying to say and then email me. 

If this displeases you, blame my friend Leo for the inspiration.

However there are certain emails I will ignore altogether without a reply. If you’re wanting to exchange links, or advertise, your email will likely be ignored. Instead of asking me to exchange links, I’d rather you send me a link to something you wrote, or that you think is great. If I like it, I’ll mention it on Facebook, Twitter or even in an article.

I’m not accepting any advertisement proposals.

I’m not accepting guest posts. All requests will go straight to trash.

Lastly, please understand this is my living. I love emails from friends and readers who want to talk training, nutrition, and other fitness-related topics. Just realize I won’t design a program or analyze your current training because it’s not a good use of our time, nor is it fair to my paying clients.


If you’re interested in coaching, please see the coaching page.


I’m not available to ‘look over your routine’ or to ‘critique‘ your training or nutrition plan.

  • Write me any time. Any media inquires can go here as well.