Personal Fitness Coaching

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I am only interested in taking on extremely motivated, and amazing clients for personal fitness coaching. My approach is built around the individual, and their goals.

My primary objective for all clients is education, motivation, and practicality.  My goal is to love you, and leave you better than you were when we first met.

Lastly, I wish to aid you in learning objectivity while pursuing your fitness goals.  This way, you can continue on your own for years to come without having to rely on a trainer or coach for every little detail.


I’m not available to ‘look over your routine’ or to ‘critique‘ your training and nutrition plan. Due to the time it would take me to give you my thoughts based on your goals, you might as well become a coaching client and work with me for 8-12 weeks.

If you feel you’re not quite ready, or don’t need any personal coaching, you can always check out LGN365, my fully comprehensive fitness course.