Some Thoughts On Dietary Beliefs And How They Affect Us

About a week ago, I received an email from someone I’d never chatted with before. It wasn’t your typical email asking for advice, or from a previous emailer I’ve been in conversation with.

It was from a complete stranger writing to correct me about my old article titled Clean Eating is a Scam. I don’t often reply in the way I did, but I felt the need this time.

Apparently it’s on the first page of google for most people when they search for Clean Eating, so many people actually find my site for the first time when searching this term.

While I’m bored to tears with this topic, I thought our email exchange was interesting, and brought up something I think is worth discussing, and revisiting from time to time. [Read more…]

A Year In Review: Gratitude, Thoughts, Reflections, and Revelation

In a few short days, we’ll stride into 2013.

Okay, I’ll admit it. I secretly thought writing this post would never happen, for I just knew the Mayans were onto something. I guess they weren’t.

Today I want to cover many of the interesting things that have happened in the last year, some people I’ve met, as well as how my thoughts are constantly evolving when it comes to the fitness lifestyle.

First we’ll cover the year, in short, and then some of the most popular posts on JCDFitness, my reflections on the past year, revelations, and finally, some questions on how I can help you in 2013.


Before I begin, I first have to say a hearty thanks to you for reading. This site has been up and running since October 2008, and I’m incredibly grateful for those of you who’ve been with me for so long.

I’ve come a long way as a writer, coach, and thinker since my early days of posting on forums, and writing random blogs about recipes, and such.

Fitness has given me a purpose in this world, and while I may not be the best writer, I’m happy I have the ability to communicate regularly with those who are looking for guidance in this crazed fitness space.

There’s quite a bit to read here today, and I’m incredibly thankful that you choose to read my work whenever I write something new. [Read more…]

Why Getting Jacked, Strong and Lean is Never Enough: How To Manage Your Fitness Expectations

I love my life, plain and simple. To say that I don’t have a good time on a daily basis would be dishonest. I pretty much get to do what I love on the regular, and spend time with family/friends as much as I want.

But my life is not all unicorns and rainbows as the saying goes. In my 26 years on this earth, I’ve been through a lot. I’ve experienced great pain, and suffering. I’ve been to funerals, and visited families of friends who died way too soon.

I’ve lost friends to drugs, alcohol, and brain tumors.

I’ve watched friends suffer the loss of their mothers and fathers.

I’ve lost family members to degenerative disease and cancers.

The truth is this: Life is hard. I know – read my story.

Life’s full of lessons, difficulties, trials, pain, and yes, eventual demise.

We will all perish at one point. We’ll grow old, weak, and frail. Our flesh will return to the organic matter we stand upon. Our bodies will become a feasting ground for worms and various other decomposers.

Now think about this for a second. [Read more…]

Upright Rows Alternative Using Bands + Band Front and Lateral Raises

I made a quick video to give a demonstration on how to use bands for upright rows. The reason for doing this is because one of my original beta testers of LGN365 sent in a question about how to do upright rows that didn’t bother her wrists.

This is a complaint, although not too common, but worth addressing and correcting, if possible. If it’s not the wrists, it’s shoulder discomfort when doing the movement.

I tried to explain the proper way to do them with bands, but thought a video was a much better idea to show how I do them. Also, I’m working on my editing skills, so it was good practice.

I also managed to demonstrate front raises, which really need no explanation on how to do them.

I’ve also demonstrated side lateral raises, both from the front and the back. [Read more…]

Why My Training Program Is Better Than Yours And Why All The Others Suck

I hate it when my inbox is full and cluttered. It frustrates me to no end to have an email sitting there that’s either unread, or read and labeled, but not archived because it’s still semi-important.

I suppose I’m very Type A in this regard, but it just bugs the crap out of me. This article was born our of the need to get rid of a bunch of those emails I’ve been staring at since February.

A few months ago on Facebook, I made this status update:

Then I emailed everyone who responded, and labeled each response as Crossfit Contribution. Ever since, I just haven’t mustered up the gumption to write anything on the topic because I kind of forgot, and something didn’t sit well with me.

Before I even begin, let me tell you that this article is not about bashing any particular training method – it’s more about being civil, rational, and objective.

It’s about removing yourself from any mindset you may have, and looking through the lens of another, if you will.

“Your Program Sucks”

You might have had someone say this to you. Maybe not the exact phrase, but something similar. They could’ve said “oh, you’ll never make progress with [insert program of choice here], or training like a bodybuilder won’t get you anywhere.”

Regardless of their exact words, I know you’ve been there.

One week, Crossfit might be the go-to training style, and the next week, it’s all about the Olympic lifts if you want to get jakt.

A few months ago, I got a call from a really good friend of mine. He’s actually a young guy in the industry who’s been working his tail off since I initially reached out to him. He’s even been featured in Muscle & Fitness already and he’s barely 21. I’m super proud of this guy and am thrilled he’s in my life.

Most of the time on the phone he’s pretty upbeat, and always has something positive to say. However, this particular day was different. [Read more…]