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LGN365 is Here

By JC Deen

Yup. It’s finally ready for you. I’ve already contacted the contest winners via email. So congrats to Jason, Ben, Rob, Rhonda, and Алёна! I’m going to give you a brief overview of what’s included in LGN365 with this video: In the case you missed the posts from a few days back, here’s exactly what’s in […]


Turn Your Fitness Struggles into Strengths

By JC Deen

Quote Credit: Gaspari Nutrition // Artwork: JC Deen ( The quote above is actually from a bodybuilding magazine we get at the house every month.  I did some Googling and found out it’s originally from Gaspari Nutrition. As I read it, I couldn’t help but be inspired – inspired to forget about perfection and to […]


Why You Should Never, Ever Give Up

By JC Deen

I remember the very first time I wanted to give up. The air was thick as mud and my olfactory nerves were being incessantly pounded by the smell of freshly cut grass with every breath I furiously fought for. I thought I was dying, but in reality, I’d just never exercised before. I was fat, […]

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