Are You Unbreakable? The Importance Of Mobility For Training And Daily Life


Today’s article is a guest post by Kate Galliett, Author of The Unbreakable Body, a web-based strength & conditioning program. Kate holds a BS in Exercise Science and has worked as a fitness professional for 12 years.

Now more than ever, we are finding ourselves juxtaposed between two worlds.

In one world, we want to be able to do more, lift more, fit more into our days; while in the other world, we find ourselves desperately desiring to chill out, to get real about a meditation practice, to not have stress kicking us in the pants at every turn.

Not to mention, the message is out there and the volume is turned to full blast –

Stress zaps fat loss efforts.

Stress zaps strength gains.

Chronic stress is absolutely affecting the gains you’re after in physique, performance, and health.

JC is well aware of this, having coached me through stressful periods of life and with his guidance on stress-reduction and nutrition, I saw my body comp get to a level I am incredibly pleased with.

And, we did this while paralleling the most stressful period of time I’d seen in the last 10 years – when my body comp, in the past, would have been falling apart, it actually improved tremendously.

JC is an amazing coach, one whom I respect immensely, that is for sure. So it was an honor when he turned to me for assistance on one of his goals.

“Can you help me get into lotus position?,” his text said.

We’d been talking about our meditation practice, and what tools we’d been using for handling stress in our lives.

He had a goal of incorporating more stillness into his day. In working on that goal, he felt compelled to work towards lotus position, the seated position used in many eastern meditation practices where you cross your legs and rest each foot on the opposing thigh — like this: [Read more…]

More of the Less Known and Asking The Right Questions


Today’s guest article is by Nathan Nadeau, B.Hsc, NSCA-CPT


In recent years, mainstream physical culture has enjoyed a surge of enlightenment. What I mean by that is the readily accessible amount of good information is on the rise.

This is evident simply by a quick observation of what most believe to be true of health and fitness today, than perhaps, 10 or more years ago.

For instance, most people now understand that the right fats and in the right amount are good for you, and can improve blood lipid profile; most people understand that BMI and weight do not necessarily have a direct relationship with body composition, and perhaps more currently, more and more people are developing an understanding of controlled macronutrient moderation, also known as flexible dieting.

This is good. It means the machine is moving in the right direction, but how do we keep it moving that way? And how do you ensure that you’re on board? [Read more…]

A Reader’s Story: His Battle with Cancer, Former Fat Boy Syndrome, and How He’s Rebuilding His Physique Using LGN365

Today we have a guest article from Hampus Hertzberg, cancer survivor, fitness enthusiast, and seriously one of the coolest people I’ve met on the Internet. He was one of the 15 winners who got a free 30-minute Skype consult when I released LGN365. After chatting with him, and seeing his progress, I asked him to tell his story here.


Every great fitness story has a beginning; mine just starts off a bit different than others.

My journey began toward the end of 2009. The following year actually became both the best, and worst year of my life.

I was 23 years old, and for years I’d been working part time jobs to support a lifestyle devoted to drinking and partying. However, all of the hiding from real life and anxiety was beginning to creep up on me.

On the night before Christmas eve in 2009 I drank so much that I spent my Christmas eve alone at a friend’s apartment where I alternated sleeping and vomiting while missing out on a friend’s breakfast invitation.

Simply put, I was the biggest douchebag.

I did eventually pick myself up that evening to act as Santa Claus for my friend’s kids, but I then continued my binge drinking until the day after January 1st, which is where I made myself a promise.

I was at the lowest point in my life and didn’t know what to do. I promised myself I’d turn things around. [Read more…]

Pre-Workout Pumps Without All the Hype – Citadel Nutrition’s Story

Today myself and Roger Lawson have an awesome guest post for you today from the founders of Citadel Nutrition. Fact is we were introduced to these guys by Alan Aragon and after a good chat, we decided to do a podcast with them (make sure you see the end of this post for the links) and to have them guest post here.

As you know, I don’t stand for any of the BS that seems to plague our industry and I rarely ever talk about supplements in my articles. It’s mainly because I hate the idea of proprietary blends and you never really know what you’re getting sometimes. That’s different with these guys. They’re doing something you never see in the supplement industry. There’s no crazy, hyped up marketing and don’t worry – there’s no affiliate links – so I’m not just promoting them to make a buck – I’m simply really supportive of their cause.

Oh and we’re giving away 3 tubs of Tier 1 – all you have to do is one of the following to qualify:

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We’ll draw the winners and announce them Wednesday June 27th on Facebook. I’ll email you if you’re one of the blog comment winners to get your address.

Note from JC: I have nothing to gain from having these guys write here – I get no kickback and no monies for this post – it’s super rare you see guys promoting a supplement without traditional bodybuilder ads, half-naked women, proprietary blends and annoying sales copy.

—on with the article—

The idea for Citadel Nutrition started about two years ago while we were sitting around mixing our own pre-workout supplement. We purchased bulk ingredients from a couple different places and had to go through the hassle of mixing it ourselves. It was a pain but it was the only way to ensure that we were getting what we wanted and in the amount we wanted. [Read more…]


Former Fat Boy Syndrome Hangups

This article is a follow up from last weeks article, From Fat to Fit.  Both are written by Bryan Barletta.  This also is a nice expansion to my original article, The Former Fat Boy Syndrome.

As I write this, I question the former part of the title, and that’s bad but progress doesn’t happen over night. See it’s more than just physical with being a fat boy. You’re mentally fat too. Take it from someone who was called Fatletta most of his life.

As you progress through your diet and exercise plan and away from your old life, if you were ever fat or even chubby, there’s a lot you’ll have to let go of. I searched forums and websites for someone to commiserate with and I never found someone who went through the exact same experience as I did. No one will. But I’m sure that I can shed some light on some of the common problems or thought’s you’ll hit in your journey.

Eat Up, Fatty

It’s hard to convince a FFB (former fat boy) or FB (fat boy) to eat what they’re told. Forget about clearing the broccoli from your plate, I’m talking about the Macros. When JC first put next to the fat grams on my macros “lower fat to minimize fat loss” I undercut his 33g/50g of fat down to nearly 10g per day. Boy did I stall my progress. Your body needs fat and needs calories or it stops listening to your subtle suggestions. Because that’s what dieting is, subtle suggestions. If you go extreme, you stall. You’re your own worst enemy.

Document Your Before and After

I kick myself for throwing away all the “before” pictures I took and my measurements. I fell back more than a few times and got disgusted. Take them, lock them away, look at them every 3-6 months, no sooner. I’m sure you’ve already thought of recording this, but make sure you back it up or give it to someone you trust. The road ain’t easy, but it’s amazing when you look at the whole journey. [Read more…]