Attention Skinny Guys – Learn How You Can Build More Muscle Than Ever Using This Fool-Proof System

Are you a skinny guy having a hard time getting strong, and building your physique?  

Sick of looking into the mirror with disgust about the lack of results despite all your hard work?

Ever feel like this training stuff is just a big waste of time?

If you’ve struggled to put on size and strength in the past, consider this your lucky day.

Today’s advice may be slightly different than most of what you’ve read about getting big and strong.

Instead of merely stating the obvious actions you must take, I’m going to cover one of the most important things you can ever do for yourself if you want to get big and strong, and stay that way.

Beware though. I’m not going to recommend any killer new muscle gain programs, or something bright and shiny for you to get distracted with.

The last thing you need is to make a switch to yet another program, or second-guess yourself.

What You Need Is A System

Before we dive into this concept, let’s first cover a few reasons skinny guys typically have a hard time achieving their muscle building goals.

Here’s a general list of issues I’ve encountered in my day…

  • chronic under eating
  • poor diet choices
  • lack of proper training
  • bad sleep habits
  • lack of general consistency with all of the above
  • no system in place for success

The typical skinny guy looking to build his physique is unique in a manner of ways. (more…)

January 1, 2014
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How To Stack The Deck In Your Favor And Thoughts On Accountability


A few days ago, a trainer sent me a message that went along the lines of “Hey JC, what are you reading lately? I’m about to order some stuff from Amazon. I’m looking for any material on nutrition, training, whatever that’s non fiction.”

So my response was definitely of the non fiction category, but not necessary strength and conditioning/fitness related.

My response?

“I’m currently reading Prometheus Rising, and The Brain That Changes Itself” is what I said.

When he insisted on some fitness stuff, I let him know the last few books/products I consumed were The Cycle Diet by Scott Abel, and Leigh Peele’s Starve Mode.

Both products are fantastic, by the way, but a lot of my reading these days stretches far beyond just health and fitness material.

Lately I’m much more interested in how I can be a better coach, writer, listener, and how I can help my clients and readers create lasting change through matters surpassing great training and diet information.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE believer in getting the basic stuff down and it’s largely why I wrote LGN365. In the opening section of the book I talk about getting your mind right, and how if you don’t make the time for that, nothing else you do will ever work as well as it could.

The books in my response dive deep into the mind, which is of utmost interest to me lately.

In Prometheus Rising, it’s more about the possibilities of the thinker, and from what I gather thus far, is a lot of material that makes you think about thinking. One should also note this book was written in ’83, and the way the author presents his ideas are very much beyond his time.

The Brain That Changes Itself is more about how we really don’t understand much about how the brain works. There are many cases in the book that disproves the old notion that the brain functions like a ‘machine’ and that it has specialized areas.

But I’m not here to talk about the brain. I wrote this to touch upon something I feel goes unnoticed at times, but is super important. (more…)

September 9, 2013
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