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JC Deen

JC Deen is a nationally published fitness coach and writer out of Nashville, TN. Get more from JC here: Twitter | Facebook| JCD Fitness


5 Common Diet Excuses Too Many People Make

By JC Deen

Many people feel they don’t have time to eat right because of their busy lives. “I don’t have time” is a common phrase these days. When it comes time to work out, or eat better, or make dinner (or breakfast or lunch), or track calories, it’s easily to write yourself off as having too much […]


Training For Fat Loss In Simple Terms: What You Must Know

By JC Deen

Training for fat loss — so many opinions, and so many decisions. Since I am a proponent of maintaining good habits, and having a very clear focus on what you’re trying to accomplish, I personally subscribe to Occam’s razor when thinking about fat loss, programming, and above all, sticking to the plan. Occam’s razor, if […]


Make A Small Promise To Yourself, and Keep It [30-day challenge]

By JC Deen

When you set a fitness and physique goal, it’s easy to get caught up in the motivation you feel, and excitement of what’s to come. However, after a few days of hard work, the reality always sets in. Our reality is far different than what we initially dreamt up in our heads. Getting up early […]

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