3 Common Fat Loss Mistakes You Aren’t Familiar With [video]

I was having a talk with Coach Stevo the other night and decided to make a video about some of the ideas I thought about after the call.

Video Guide:

0:40 – Mistake #1: Most people’s belief in this will set their progress on the train to Slow Town.

2:12 – Mistake #2: The myth of ‘crushing it’ daily. (Sorry Gary V)

3:30 – Mistake #3: What’s the true reward of chasing a fat loss goal? [watch to find out]

4:40 – Group Fat Loss Coaching Details [time-sensitive]

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Automating Fat Loss with 4 Simple Observations I Made While Living In Thailand Part 2

A few days ago, I talked about 2 things… First we talked about tracking your training, and then how we had to scrap the tried and true protein maxims. If you missed part 1, please do yourself a favor and read it.

Onto part 2.


Lots of Activity in short bursts can do a lot for fat loss

During the first part of our trip, we ate like idiots, and I am making no joke here. I’d say for the first week, our daily intake consisted of the following, and this was just breakfast:

  • 6-8 eggs
  • 2-3 pancakes
  • fruit
  • lattes
  • waffles
  • ham

This was the typical American breakfast choices many of the small restaurants in the old city serve to tourists. And talk about cheap. Our money went a long way, so we ate and ate and ate.

Coffee side note: I also enjoyed a ton of boutique coffee shops. Here’s an Instagram (follow me) of my favorite coffee spot called Ristr8to. If you ever get the chance to visit Chiang Mai, hit this place up. [Read more...]

How to Automate Fat Loss with 4 Simple Observations I Made While Living In Thailand Part 1


Back in November 2013, I set off for an adventure with 2 good friends, my laptop, and a suitcase. I’d booked a 7 week trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand with the goal of resetting my brain for the new year.

I hadn’t taken more than 3-4 days off in a row since February 2010, so I was feeling the pull to ‘JUST LET GO’ as Tyler Durden would righteously put it.

And that’s what I did, for a little while, at least.

I rented an apartment, established a daily routine, and tried to speak as much Thai possible on a daily basis. I sucked, but I tried.

Here’s a picture of me, Roger, and Mike eating street food, which we paid murderously for a few times (food poisoning). ^_^ [Read more...]

Attention Skinny Guys – Learn How You Can Build More Muscle Than Ever Using This Fool-Proof System

Are you a skinny guy having a hard time getting strong, and building your physique?  

Sick of looking into the mirror with disgust about the lack of results despite all your hard work?

Ever feel like this training stuff is just a big waste of time?

If you’ve struggled to put on size and strength in the past, consider this your lucky day.

Today’s advice may be slightly different than most of what you’ve read about getting big and strong.

Instead of merely stating the obvious actions you must take, I’m going to cover one of the most important things you can ever do for yourself if you want to get big and strong, and stay that way.

Beware though. I’m not going to recommend any killer new muscle gain programs, or something bright and shiny for you to get distracted with.

The last thing you need is to make a switch to yet another program, or second-guess yourself.

What You Need Is A System

Before we dive into this concept, let’s first cover a few reasons skinny guys typically have a hard time achieving their muscle building goals.

Here’s a general list of issues I’ve encountered in my day…

  • chronic under eating
  • poor diet choices
  • lack of proper training
  • bad sleep habits
  • lack of general consistency with all of the above
  • no system in place for success

The typical skinny guy looking to build his physique is unique in a manner of ways. [Read more...]

Weighing The Risks – How Weekend Athletics Can Ruin Your Gainz


What do you want?

Strength? Aesthetics? More athletic ability?

It’s important to know because the goal you choose will determine the steps you take take, as well as the precautions you may have to consider.

A few weeks ago I got the email every coach hates to get.

It read something like the following:

“JC, Really Bad news.. We had an Alumni Rugby game this Saturday, and I went up for a kickoff and got hit wrong, landed on the ball and broke two ribs.. I can’t workout or run or anything for 4-6 weeks. What am I supposed to do now?”

This is the worst. Here we have someone who started off so well, only to be derailed by an injury.

While most people won’t find themselves breaking ribs too often, injuries incurred from physical activity are bound to happen the longer you’re pushing your limits.

Something I always discourage clients from is activity that interferes with their primary goal, as well as those that come with high risk and little reward.

This is why I highly discourage my  otherwise inexperienced clients (those who have no previous athletic experience) from sprinting, or even going for long jogs as a part of their cardio plan.

Intervals? Sometimes, but only as long as the impact is low, and controlled. [Read more...]