The Psychological Woes Of Physique Enhancement – Why People Fail, Negative Feedback Loops, And The Plague That Is The Shortcut Mentality

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I get hundreds of messages each week via email and Facebook—many of which I’m happy to reply and offer help. However, I see a common occurrence that is robbing many of the amazing results they could have.

It’s the shortcut mentality. We want everything to happen quickly, all the while doing as little work possible. It’s why all the ads and media hype promising abs in 15 minute workouts, or a beach-ready physique with little time investment is a crock of cow feces.

In the wise words of Ronnie Coleman, “everyone wants to be a bodybuilder, but don’t nobody wanna lift no heavy ass weight!”

While we all may laugh at his sayings and mannerisms, he’s got a point. Everyone wants the prize, but no one wants to put in the work. [Read more…]

Scared To Go To The Gym? How To Build The Confidence It Takes To Be Consistent and Get Results

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I get questions sent in all the time. Sometimes they’re easy enough to simply send a reply. Other times, they take a little longer, and require a string of emails to help. I do what I can.

And then there are times like today where I feel an open response will help many people with a similar question.

Whenever you join all the insiders, who get all the free no-bs, fitness-enlightening content, I hit you with the very first email which contains a free ebook and this statement: “tell me your biggest fitness struggle.”

When the struggles come in, I always respond.

Recently, a lady wrote in the following:

My fitness struggles include being intimidated in the gym… For example, the best gym I have access to is on a military base, and the weight room is often crowded with experienced people, and I don’t necessarily know proper form for all the things I want to do in the gym, and don’t know how much weight I can handle.

So, when there are a ton of people using the weights, I feel like I’m in the way trying to learn.

Today we’re doing something a bit differently. Before I give you my advice, I’m calling on 3 ladies I respect to contribute their ideas and offer insight. [Read more…]

My Story: Life as a FFB, and My Personal Fitness Struggles

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A few days ago, I posted a video about the 3 Common Fat Loss Mistakes You Aren’t Familiar With and today is the second portion of this video series.

Today I cover my story:

  • Life as a Former Fat Boy ( and why Men’s Health says I coined the term ‘Former Fat Boy Syndrome’)
  • Why my first run at physical transformation was so successful
  • How I hired my first coach, and what it taught me
  • Why I still receive personal fitness coaching to this day
  • Why you shouldn’t ever seek perfection, but consistency…
  • If you think you have bad genetics… join the club!

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3 Common Fat Loss Mistakes You Aren’t Familiar With [video]

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I was having a talk with Coach Stevo the other night and decided to make a video about some of the ideas I thought about after the call.

Video Guide:

0:40 – Mistake #1: Most people’s belief in this will set their progress on the train to Slow Town.

2:12 – Mistake #2: The myth of ‘crushing it’ daily. (Sorry Gary V)

3:30 – Mistake #3: What’s the true reward of chasing a fat loss goal? [watch to find out]

4:40 – Group Fat Loss Coaching Details [time-sensitive]

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Automating Fat Loss with 4 Simple Observations I Made While Living In Thailand Part 2

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A few days ago, I talked about 2 things… First we talked about tracking your training, and then how we had to scrap the tried and true protein maxims. If you missed part 1, please do yourself a favor and read it.

Onto part 2.


Lots of Activity in short bursts can do a lot for fat loss

During the first part of our trip, we ate like idiots, and I am making no joke here. I’d say for the first week, our daily intake consisted of the following, and this was just breakfast:

  • 6-8 eggs
  • 2-3 pancakes
  • fruit
  • lattes
  • waffles
  • ham

This was the typical American breakfast choices many of the small restaurants in the old city serve to tourists. And talk about cheap. Our money went a long way, so we ate and ate and ate.

Coffee side note: I also enjoyed a ton of boutique coffee shops. Here’s an Instagram (follow me) of my favorite coffee spot called Ristr8to. If you ever get the chance to visit Chiang Mai, hit this place up. [Read more…]