How To Lose Weight: The Best Way To Lose Fat, and Avoid Fad Diets

The phrase ‘how to lose weight’ is one of the most commonly searched terms in Google, and it’s no surprise given the obesity epidemic in America.

When someone searches for ‘how to lose weight,’ they’re almost always looking for an explanation or solution on how to lose fat. Losing weight is quite easy, but losing body fat, and keeping it off, is a more intricate process.

There are great, as well as horrendous, ways to go about this process. Some will leave you lean, strong and happy, while others will leave you hungry, famished, and prone to gaining the weight (and fat) back.

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In this piece, I’m going to cover the following topics:

  • How to lose weight (what is weight loss, really?)
  • What fat loss is
  • What causes fat loss to happen
  • How to lose weight/fat fast (though not recommended)
  • How to lose weight with fad diets (not the best idea)
  • Can you eat junk food and still lose fat?
  • My thoughts on IIFYM (if it fits your macros)
  • The use of fat loss supplements
  • Should you follow a specific meal plan?
  • All about food combinations
  • My preferred method for losing weight, torching body fat and keeping it off

What Is Weight Loss?

I understand the question seems simple, but it needs a definition and some explanation for further understanding.

Weight loss is a reduction in body weight. In saying that, I can [READ MORE]

August 8, 2014

Physique Development: Being Better Than Your Blind Spots


For the physique-conscious individual, we aren’t plagued by what we don’t know, but more so by all the unknown unknowns.

It’s a blind spot. We all have them, but rarely cognizant of this fact. It can keep us stagnant for far longer than it should.

What do I mean exactly?

We are a people in pursuit of excellence. We want to be bigger, leaner, stronger, faster, more flexible.

We desire to create a better version of ourselves, and to reach new heights – no matter the cost of time or effort.

This is an admirable pursuit, and one many can benefit from, but the process is an arduous one.

Weights get heavier. Progress is harder to come by. We’re nearing the final floors of our genetical high-rise.

But we yearn for more.

At this point, there are many decisions you can make in order to advance your journey.

In my opinion, the two most popular options are to:

  • Further your education, and go it alone
  • Get coached, and ride the wave

Don’t Mind Me, I Got This…

The first option is probably the most popular, especially for those who feel they don’t need help, and can get everything done on their own.

There’s nothing wrong with this approach, and I’ve done it off and on for a good part of my training career.

We read a few more books and articles. We build our own [READ MORE]

June 6, 2014