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Please read this before you get started. There are 4 things I want to address in this post.

  1. The image below, the response it got, and how everything all circles back to simplicity.
  2. New Fitsmart Podcast from Roger Lawson and I
  3. Limited Edition JCDFitness Underarmour t-shirts will be available in October to celebrate the 4th birthday of JCDFitness
  4. Free Book on Amazon from my friend and colleague, Derek Doepker.

A few days ago on Facebook, Sunday in fact, I was going through some photos on a friend’s wall, and I came across the image above. I know nothing about Dragon Ball Z, or becoming a Super Saiyan, but I do know that the pic is a good depiction of what needs to happen.

In fact, the only reason I’m writing this today is because when I shared it on Facebook, 35 people ‘Liked’ it, 30 shared it, and there were 39 comments. While I’ve seen bigger interactions with articles, I’ve not seen this with some random image I shared – especially one as elementary as the one above.

So apparently, most seem to be in agreement that in order to get big and strong, you must eat, train hard, and sleep well. Easy enough, right?

Well, no. It’s really not that easy.

Okay, it is that easy, but people make it much harder than it needs to be.

But why is that?

Some are overwhelmed with information. Some have been training, but just not doing a good job of tracking their workouts, or failing to hit the intensity required to make the gains necessary.

And as easy as it sounds – some just don’t eat enough to realize the positive changes. Our bodies require a good amount of energy to function. They require much more to synthesize new tissue, and to recover from taxing training sessions. When I was in college, I remember being able to eat an entire pizza for a meal multiple times per week. This was because I walked everywhere, and lifted 4 times per week.

Earlier this week I gave a talk at Belmont University to a class of students about looking the part of an artist. All the students in the class are music/performance majors, so their main goal is to get a touring gig, or a major recording/writing deal.

JC Deen parading around in a dress, and covered in body paint.

If you’ve looked around lately, most of the pop stars, and artists today are mostly in decent shape. There are some who are extremely skinny, and then those who are in amazing shape, but for the most part, they pay attention to their bodies, and appearance. There’s no denying that.

So when it came time for questions, I got the usual stuff from the girls about getting bulky or losing body fat. But when it came to the guys, someone asked “how can I put on some size and get bigger?”

My answer was simple. Lift 3 times per week, and eat everything in sight.

He said “well, I already eat A LOT.”

This is the most common answer I get. However, what we perceive as being a lot and what we’re actually consuming, is an entirely different story.

As you can see in the image above, I’ve done my fair share of eating and frequent lifting. This is not something new to me, and it wasn’t always easy. Mainly because I’m a Former Fat Boy (FFB).

I actually just recorded a new FitSmart podcast with Roger, and in this episode, I talk a lot about being a FFB, and some of the issues I’ve dealt with leading up to my transformation.

You can listen to it here:

As part of my mission to help as many people possible, my friend Steve and I have hand-selected a small group (about 14 total) of guys who’ve struggled to pack on size and strenmpf™ in their pursuit of a bigger body.

I announced this a few months ago in my newsletter, but didn’t get around to putting it together until just recently because I was so busy with the release of LGN365.

However, we’ve all got them started. Steve and I are reviewing their diet and training logs on a daily basis to make sure they’re hitting their numbers, and making progress. It’s actually a ton of fun to visit the private forums to converse and check in on them. We’re wrapping up week one today, and so far, I’m really pleased with their adherence and consistency.

October is Birthday Month

JCDFitness turns 4 in October. A few months back, I talked a little about getting some t-shirts made and printed on Under Armour material.

In the image below, we have 3 to choose from. 1 model for the guys, and 2 models for the women.

These are just samples – I actually put the JCD logo on the first shirt with a quick Photoshop job. The final results will be very nicely done, and will have the logo on the center chest.

But here’s the schtick… I have to order all of these at once, so I must take a preorder.

I will do all of the shipping myself, and here’s how it must go down.

Next week, I’ll set up a post with a purchase link. You will have to submit your payment (most likely going to be just under $30 bucks to cover shipping and handling), along with your shirt style choice, and size. This way, when I get all the orders together, I get every one I need, instead of just ordering a bunch and guessing about sizes, styles, etc.

This will be a limited run, and be based solely on demand. We’ll need to have at least 48 shirts ordered to get them for around $28-29 total. I will probably cap the orders at 80 total shirts, just so I’m not inundated for more than a few days packing and shipping all of them.

Free Book – How To Stick To A Diet

My friend Derek Doepker has just finished another book, and it’s actually up on However, today and I believe for the next few days, it’s completely free!  Check it out here. How to Stick to a Diet.

If Derek’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he was one of the contributors to my fitness course LGN365. He actually provided all the recipes, and an awesome 15 minute interview about healthy cooking, substitutions, and making our diets simple and easy to stick to.

This book is fantastic because it’s not just another diet book. Much like myself, Derek is sort of addicted to the psychology of fitness, and habits. He’s dedicated to uncovering the reasons why we do or don’t do something. I’ve already read through it as he sent me an advanced copy.

I’d go ahead and download it now, even if you have other materials you’re getting through, and read put it on your reading list.

Look for a post next week for the t-shirt orders… And yes, we’ll be doing international shipping. I’ll deal with the costs.


About the author

JC Deen

JC Deen is a nationally published fitness coach and writer out of Nashville, TN. Get more from JC here: Twitter | Facebook| JCD Fitness

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Shane Organ - October 12, 2012

Hey man, good read.

I’m now looking to put on size so I think I can benefit from your articles quite a bit. I’ve spent the last while focusing on trimming body fat so the mentality is quite different. I think I’ve got the fat loss down pat, now it’s time to learn some more in-depth size gaining techniques.

P.S. Sick shirts. Looking good.

Nick - October 9, 2012

Hey JC –

Been following your blog for sometime. Wanted to say thanks for all the awesome advice you provide. I wanted to run a question or two past you if you have a chance and if it was okay to ask.

1. How do you feel about direct ab workout.. I know primary focus should be on core development from squats and such. Extra ab workout unnecessary?

2. What could be the pros/cons of really limiting fat intake. I know you mentioned certain ranges of fat from training days to non training days in your book, curious what would be the bad or good about consuming under your recommendations.
I just know a lot of my food choices really don’t seem to have high fat content. I seem to be able to limit direct fat intake (egg yolks and the like) to under 10 to 15grams easily each day. Not sure if that’s such a good thing though. Thoughts?

Thanks a bunch


    JC Deen - October 9, 2012

    1. It’s dependent on what you’re doing. If you’re not doing a lot of compound work that requires core stabilization, then you might benefit from direct ab work.

    2. I think anything below 30-40g for most people is impractical, honestly. The reasoning for limiting fat intake, especially on training days is hopefully to limit it being stored in a caloric surplus. In fact, I’m having a guest post written about this that should make for a pretty good primer on why I do things the way I do.

      Nick - October 9, 2012

      thanks JC for the tips… much appreciated!

Justin - October 6, 2012

Any news on the shirts?

P syn - September 30, 2012

Nice, shirts look sweet, logo is pretty sweet, would look good on a beanie hat (hint)
Depending on how well I do with packing on size and strenmpf, I may treat myself to one of the t-shirts, in approx 11 weeks or so!

Thanks or the Podcast!

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