LGN365 Feedback and Notes from Readers

So in case you missed it, on Wednesday I made the announcement that LGN365 was ready for your viewing. Not only was it ready, but I’ve discounted the price by 20 bucks. So instead of paying the full $85, I’ve set the price at $65 – that is until Saturday at midnight.

And good things are happening.

So far, from just the two days it’s been live, I’ve gotten some pretty positive feedback.

And in light of the feedback, I wanted to share some of it with you. Here are a few thoughts from a few who’ve purchased LGN365 so far…


“Since I spend all my time at work (Fitocracy) surrounded by fitness and fit people, I spend most of my off hours researching the field. Although I’m following a diet and routine, I still want to learn everything I can to know how to get the most of the time I put into my health. Having spent hours and hours reading some new, some regurgitated and some flat-out wrong information across the web, I can tell you that JC’s book provides the best ROI for your time, and is an incredible deal for what it provides.

There’s nothing more satisfying than reading someone flat out state what you’re trying to find the answers to and to be saying things that you can actually believe and follow. I’m really impressed with the depth of the course and the extra materials (supplemental books focusing on different types of people and the goals of fat loss or muscle gain, excel calculators to help you determine your macronutrient and calorie needs, and videos with other fitness professionals) that JC provides are insanely valuable.

If you have spent any time like I do researching these things on your own, or are looking for a simple way to learn the information without having to put so much work into it, I strongly recommend you try out LGN365.”

Kasra Rahjerdi – Software Engineer | Fitocracy.com


“LGN365 delivers an essential guide to achieving fat loss and building muscle.

The accompanying high quality multimedia takes this course to the next level providing comprehensive education and trouble shooting for any challenges you may have along the way.
I have no hesitation in recommending LGN365 as a valuable resource to help achieve your physique goals”

Damian Brown, Naturopath – Australia | DamianBrown.com


“All I can say is “holy shit!”  JC’s LGN365 is incredible. I wish I had a resource like this when I first started training 6-7 years ago.  If I had, I’d probably be a cover model by this time.  I know that JC said that this is at least a year’s worth of training, but you could definitely take what you learned and apply it to your training and nutrition for the rest of your life.

It’s that type of course.

Besides the incredible content, the presentation of everything is visually stunning; and the quality of the product altogether is impeccable.  Obviously JC pays attention to detail and has a major respect for publishing.

He could easily sell this for $200 and people wouldn’t be disappointed.  Do yourself a favor and get your hands on LGN365.  Consider this my personal recommendation.”

Jason Maxwell | jmaxFitness.com


“I’ve been a bit obsessed with the whole physical culture scene since I was a teenager, I was the typical underweight kid, and lifting weights helped shape the rest of my life and attitude towards physical fitness both as recreation and as a career. Which is good.

What wasn’t good was the periods of confusion and body image obsession that came along with it at times. The best times were when I just trained and progressed and felt good about training. The worst times were when I found myself constantly unsatisfied and second-guessed every move I made.

I wished I would have had JC’s manual back then, it would have saved me a lot of grief. I’m not talking about his detailed exercise progressions and diet strategies (which are great), but the best parts for me are his discussions on the real WHY of it all.

The best programs call for a solid commitment to the process. Trust in the program, put your time in, and you’re golden. And JC’s program is definitely a program you can put your trust in. But more than that, JC asks you to delve into why you want to make a commitment in the first place. Not why you think you should do it, or even if it’s a good idea. But why do YOU want it. This is key.

Do this and be honest with yourself, and you’ll be truly committed to a change and maintain that for the rest of your life.

JC’s program is not just for the next 12 weeks of your life, or even the next 12 months. It’s for good, and it doesn’t get any better than that.”

Jarlo Ilano, PT, MPT, OCS | GoldMedalBodies


“There’s no point in beating around the bush – LGN365 is without question one of the most incredible products I’ve ever seen.

Through creating LGN365 JC has single-handedly raised the standard of what people can expect from high quality fitness programs. Not only does JC discuss the science behind his methodology in an interesting and easy-to-understand format, but he also provides clear-cut training and nutritional programs/guidelines to get you started immediately. Whether your goal is fat loss, mass gain, or to simply improve your current knowledge base, JC has created one of the most effective, thorough, and affordable products on the market.

As if that weren’t enough, he includes extra components such as interviews with some of the smartest people in the industry like Alan Aragon, Leo Babauta, and John Romaniello. He developed various calculators to help you accurately determine your caloric and macronutrient requirements. And he even includes a recipe handbook, courtesy of Derek Doepker, with several quick and tasty meal options.

As if I haven’t made it clear enough, LGN365 is an incredibly detailed, accurate, and effective product. For months on end I watched JC work to perfect it and still I am utterly blown away by how great it turned out to be.

If you want to better yourself, your knowledge, and your fitness, I whole-heartedly recommend investing in LGN365.”

Jordan Syatt – Strength Athlete, Westside Barbell Certified | SyattFitness.com


“Purchased this on the first day, such a brilliant and comprehensive product. JC’s approach to fat loss makes a hell of a lot of sense, and I highly recommend you take the chance and purchase this, if you are on the fence about buying.

Highly recommended.”

Colin | JCDFitness Reader


Also – here’s something really cool. Roman wrote the foreword for the course, and then he published it yesterday on his blog here: LGN365 Foreword. If you’d like to read that, it will give you a good idea of what you’re getting, as well as learning about how Roman and I originally met, and became friends.

Here’s what Roman had to say in the post:

“Recently, I had such a moment, and was given a great honor from a great friend of mine; an honor that I feel sits higher than most others I’ve been given: a few weeks back, my friend JC Deen asked me if I would write the foreword to his book.

This is no small thing; the foreword sets the tone for the book, certainly. And, more importantly, you don’t really ask someone to write a foreword for you–which is an endorsement of sorts–unless you think that having their name on your book will increase its value. I know this, because I am currently in the process of weighing options for the foreword to my next book. That unspoken compliment meant more to me than I can say.

In any event, JC’s book was released today (Wednesday). It’s a fantastic read filled with excellent information, and I could not recommend a product–or its creator–more highly.”

John Romaniello | Roman Fitness Systems


In case you missed it on Wednesday, here’s a brief video where I discuss what’s in the fitness course.

And here’s a bit more about LGN365, and what I’ve put together.

  • Getting Started Guide – This is the main text you need to read before anything else. It’s fairly long (70+ pages) but I felt it necessary to cover everything I needed to. In it I explain my philosophy on fitness, looking great naked, training for fat loss, muscle gain, and general nutrition info you need to be successful when learning how to change your body composition.
  • Fat Loss Manual – Here’s where I go into detail about setting up your diet for fat loss, how to take diet breaks, setting up refeeds (also how to know when you need one), cardio recommendations and 3 different weight training programs suitable for fat loss.
  • Hypertrophy Manual – In this guide, I go into the dietary details you need to know to GROW. I have 4 training programs included. 1 for the minimalistic trainee, one for the aspiring body builder, and then a few middle of the road programs for those who want both strength and size gains over 3-4 days per week.
  • Training Guide and Quick-Tips Manual – this is where you learn all about the training principles I’m teaching you, as well as some quick-tips to help you with your mobility and flexibility.
  • 12 Exercise Demo Videos – you’ll get to see me a WHOLE BUNCH. I go over the main movements in the program, demonstrating how they’re performed, along with a good list of mobility work that I normally do before my own training.
  • Recipe Guide – This is a cool addition from my friend Derek Doepker of ExcuseProofFitness.

5 Interviews with other Fitness Experts – This was one of my favorite pieces of this course to create. The line-up is as follows:

  • JohnRomaniello – We talk about training for fat loss and muscle gain, and various strategies to implement.
  • LeoBabauta – We discuss habits, creating them and maintaining the fitness habit.
  • Alan Aragon – We go over IIFYM, eating for muscle gain, fat loss, and what really matters when it comes to meal frequency (30-minute interview).
  • Roger Lawson – Me and my brotha from anotha motha, go over the Success Mindset – how to prepare yourself for success and how to get back on track when you miss a day or two of training or break your diet.
  • Derek Doepker – Derek and I discuss healthy eating substitutions, as well as how to make fast, easy meals when on the go. He also gives us 5 of his favorite recipes.

If you want a bit more detailed page of what you get, check out LGN365.com.

Before you scream to your mama that I’m just a sleazy salesman, and get all mad, mark my emails as spam, and unsubscribe, check out some stuff floating around Facebook.

The following screenshot is a real conversation where I told someone NOT to buy LGN365. I actually told him it’s not the best for him…

Here are a few screenshots of what some others were saying on Facebook Wednesday when I made LGN365 live…

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