FitSmart Episode #5

FitSmart Episode #5:

Today Roger and JC cover the following topics:

  • Lifting shoes – check out Nick Hortons article called The 5 Best Oly Lifting shoes under $200 in 2012.
  • Squat Depth – going to parallel, what matters and why. Roger mentions how Bulletproof Knees helped him with his knee issues.
  • Best Way to find a mentor. Jordan Syatt is mentioned in this podcast. Make sure you check out his Birthday Article from a few days ago.
  • Roger and JC’s favorite foods, cartoons and video games!

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  1. says

    Had my pre workout shake and piece of toast and listened to this before I started my workout today. Entertaining listen.

    The best part I took from this podcast was the connecting with other fitness bloggers. I have been reading your blog for a while, haven’t seen much of Rog Law’s stuff but I’ll check him out.

    Also wanted to say that LGN365, although I knew most of the information because I follow similar people to you, Martin Berkhan, Alan Aragon, Lyle McDonald etc was a great package from the spreadsheets and the videos, and was definitely refreshing from a marketing POV.

  2. Sean says

    I’m with you on the pizza. Although I wasn’t the fat kid by any means, I’ve got memories of putting away large pies ever since I had money of my own. Personally, I’m partial to Chicago style stuffed deep dish (what up Giordano’s), but I’ll destroy pizza in just about every form.

    Ditto to your comments about Asian food. There’s an all-you-can-eat Chinese/Japanese buffet down the road (complete with sushi and Mongolian BBQ) that actually has some legit Asian cuisine in addition to the standard American Chinese. It’s a good thing I don’t dine there often, or I might put them out of business…

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