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Within recent developments, a few colleagues pointed out an interesting new product I wanted to share with all of you.  However, I’m not suggesting you buy it or even waste your time reading about it.  Today, I simply wish to illustrate a few points and further the education of those who aren’t in-the-know.

In the past, I’ve been labeled as the consumers advocate for fitness enthusiasts and while I find it a little humorous, I sort of take it seriously.  So what if I care about what you’re filling your mind with on a daily basis?

In fact, I’m pretty passionate about helping you rid yourself of a harsh relationship with your cheeseburger.  I love getting people to think about their personal fitness routine as a journey and a positive experience as opposed to a daunting obligation.

I digress.
Now back to this awesome product.  Ladies and gentleman, I now introduce to you MAG-10 Pulse Fast – 36-Hour Physique Transformation Breakthrough.

You read it right.  When T-Nation (or T-Muscle?) first came out with their breakthrough I, Bodybuilder program where the trainees couldn’t do a proper hang clean, I was a bit skeptical.  Then, when they came out with The Anaconda Protocol, in which they were scamming newbies out of $350+ dollars for a month’s supply of product, I was just floored.

Today, I don’t wish to hate.  I’m merely writing to point out some flaws and will hopefully open the eyes of a few who’ve been led astray in the past by big promises, false hopes, and glossy pictures providing “proof.”

Fasting and its Popularity
If we backpedal just a few years, mentioning fasting and fitness in the same sentence would result in blank stares, often sprinkled with some pretentious remarks in return.

However, thanks to Martin Berkhan (fasting myths debunked), Brad Pilon and a few others who were willing to go against the grain of modern dogma, fasting is not such a taboo term in our world of physique development anymore.

Of course, you have the narrow-minded who will never listen due to an inability release their false beliefs and old habits.  And that’s okay, but one should always be weary of those unwilling to have an open mind.

In fact, I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting for the last 3+ years and while I don’t do it strictly on a daily basis anymore, it’s because of my letting go of the meal frequency dogma that I no longer worry about missing breakfast and lunch due to my hectic work schedule.

A Look At The Product
Upon reading the sales page for Mag-10 Pulse Fast, just about anyone will be impressed, and for those who are unfamiliar with all the cow manure floating around on the internet these days, they’ll be sucked in immediately.

Yea, the copywriting is pretty damn good.  It gives a person hope.  This is what great copywriting is supposed to do – it gives you a reason to act.

However, we must learn to read between the lines.  A spade is a spade no matter what you’d like to call it.

One serving of Mag-10 Pulse Fast is basically around 10g of protein in a liquid mixture.  The dosing schedule is over a 36 hour period with a pulse at around every 2 hours or so.  It varies depending on your training schedule but that’s the gist of it.

So what’s the big deal?

There isn’t one.  This really isn’t a true fast by definition.  A steady dose of 10g protein, over a total of 20 waking hours at their recommended intervals, equates to about 100g protein you’d be consuming for the day.

In fact, the ideas remind me of the wildly awesome Rapid Fat Loss Handbook by Lyle McDonald.  If you know anything about the book, this diet is based around lean protein for a short period, which actually mimics the effects of a fast, but eliminates the consequences (muscle loss) often associated with prolonged fasting.

But It Sounds So Awesome!
If you’re unfamiliar with fasting, or if you’re desperate for a surefire fix, then the Mag-10 Pulse Fast is going to look pretty enticing.  As you peruse the product page, you’ll notice how the most jacked of behemoths swallow the left portion of the body copy.

Thusly, it’s obvious their monster physiques were built on nothing but Anaconda, I, Bodybuilder and now, Mag-10 Pulse Fast.

However, the truth is sour.

Those guys didn’t build their physiques with Anaconda or Mag-10 Pulse Fasting.  They did it through years of hard work, copious amounts of food, and because they had the mindset + resources necessary to accomplish such a feat.

How do I know this?

Because Anaconda is not special – it’s just a few silly, expensive supplements in a fancy package.  Plus, those guys have been lifting for many years – way before Anaconda was ever thought of.

I love the irony in this quote from the sales page:

Muscle-building magic is not in a pill, it’s in your body.

You just need to know how to turn it on.

It’s funny because these statements are so true.  However, you will soon learn at the end of the pitch that there is indeed a magic pill.  And it’s going to cost you.

Contrary Motion
If you’re familiar with T-Muscle, intermittent fasting hasn’t been discussed too much, and when it does come up, it’s often on the forums.  Like most online debates around fasting, a myriad of people jump in with their bro-knowledge and offer a rebuttal as to why fasting is bad for your health or why it’s extremely catabolic.

However, it’s important to understand how their decisions are often skewed by either what they’ve been told, or a lack of education on said topic.  But it only gets harder to cut through the BS when we’ve multiple sources, authorities, and medical literature on both sides of the fence.

Allow me to illustrate.

If you had the chance to check out this article, you’ll find Dr. Jonny Bowden discussing fasting in the first few pages.

Here’s an exact quote from page two:

But don’t use fasting as a weight-loss strategy. It never works. Even in the mice experiments, the mice overcompensated for their fast days by overfeasting on the eating days, so that at the end of the week they had consumed the same amount of calories as they normally would.

First of all, I’m always leery of statements like ‘it never works’ or ‘results are guaranteed’, etc.  The reason why is because our world is full of grey.  As much as I’d love for everything to be black and white, it’s unrealistic to foster such expectations.

So, in light of his statements, I’d beg to differ.

If you head on over to Martin’s blog, you’ll see a multitude of clients using fasting as means of effective, maintainable fat loss and retention of muscle mass.  Brad Pilon has helped thousands of folks get to their goal weight by doing a 24-hour fast 1-2 times per week.

I’ve had clients who went from rigid meal schedules to very relaxed eating patterns, in which they’d fast until mid afternoon with no ill effects.

Fasting may not be for everyone, but the point is clear – there is no room for absolutes.

Getting to the Point
The writing is on the wall here.  As I mentioned earlier, Intermittent Fasting has been the buzz of the fitness world over the past year.

It’s no surprise either – as fitness enthusiasts/pros, we’re often known to be an obsessive crew whose lives and schedules often revolve around our eating patterns.  Intermittent fasting has been a savior to many who were once overwhelmed with their eating habits.

This is why Mag-10 Pulse Fast is here to solve all your fat loss, and muscle gain needs.  It’s here to help you build the biggest, leanest physique you ever dreamed possible.

Unless you have a need for a thinner wallet, I’d stick to your preferred methods of intermittent fasting.

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  1. Steve says

    I tried this last week and lost muscle. My strength was down from the week before, I was consistently gaining too. I didn’t magically gain slabs of muscle the next day to make up for the muscle loss. Now I’m only back to where I was the week before. I’m never doing this crap again. I shouldn’t have tried to fix something that wasn’t broken…

    • Steven says

      People must’ve been losing muscle when they claimed that not to happen. Now it looks like they’ve drastically changed the protocol. Now you only pulse 3 times and they want you to “feast” at the end of the day? Before, it was pulse 10 times and eat no whole food at all. I take a drastic change such as this as admittance that they were BSing from the beginning. I’m never going to listen to another word they say.

        • Arjun says

          I’ve admittedly been following T-Nation for quite some time now and, though, I know there’s a load of BS on there in the form of supplement plugs in their articles, I do feel like they’ve helped me a great deal from their advice from various renowned coaches/lifters. You espouse a world that’s grey and not absolute so would you agree that if you can sift through the BS, T-Nation is a solid source of information regarding lifting?

          • JC Deen says

            For every guy they’ve helped, there’s a guy they’ve done a complete disservice to. Sure, there are some good articles on training there, but so much of it is trash and not going to serve most.

            • Arjun says

              Understandable – Not sure if you’re aware but in the past week they’ve been hyping up a new Biotest pill they’re releasing that they’ve dubbed ‘Indigo-3G.’ I believe it’s supposed to have miraculous nutrient partitioning capabilities as well as be a godsend for insulin sensitivity. Perhaps an article on this sometime soon?

  2. says


    Very interesting as usual. I just started reading the book called Maximum Muscle Minimal Fat by the guy who wrote the Warrior Diet.

    Its very deep and full of backing. Thinking of trying IF to see if it works as right now nothing seems to be working as expected. Hell I am eating at a negative 4000 calories every week and gaining at least 1 lb a week. Can’t say for sure if its muscle, fat or water. URRGGG!

    This guy has gotten awesome results using the Warrior Diet.

  3. owen says

    I just want to share something about fasting. When you fast, all of your toxins in your body will be flush out in your system and your body will be cleans. When you just fasting for a week your body will lose fat quickly. But I will not recommend fasting if your mind is weak because you will have the intention of eating large amount of food when you done fasting for a week. I also not recommend fasting while you are lifting weights or even just do a simple exercise because you do not have enough energy t do this things.

  4. says

    John Romanello (sp?) did a pretty good write up on his blog comparing using Mag-10 to just plain old BCAAs that basically said use BCAAs if you want to do a protein sparing fast and save your money – and he writes for t-nation as well.

    • Kujo says

      I just wish he said it’s flat out a waste of money. If he did that, he’d probably never be able to right for them again, so I kinda get it. He still alluded to the fact that he may test the product.

        • says

          Hey guys, I’ve got to defend Roman here. He can’t say that a product’s rubbish if he doesn’t test it on himself. He was really frank for a T-Nation guy. He’s also quite open-minded. But I must say, the product’s rubbish. LOL. As he wrote in his article, it’s nothing extraordinary.

          • says

            I realize this is an old post, just thought I’d drop in so future readers would know the deal.

            Basically, I said that even if it worked as claimed for most people, a price increase of 20X (versus BCAAs) wouldn’t be worth the (potential) benefit of increasing efficacy by a small percent.

            I don’t need to “cross over” because I’m not on either side.


  5. Kujo says

    I’m in my third week of experimenting with Martin’s Leangains IF protocol. I’m using it for fatloss. Hoping it will get me to that next level. I don’t think I’ve ever skipped breakfast in my life, and really wasn’t something I imagined doing (always hungry in the mornings). So far, I’m finding it rather easy to follow. The big meals are fun. 😀

    When I really started to get into fitness/nutrition about 3 or 4 years ago, I adopted the 6 meals a day approach. Over approximately the last year, I’ve been doing 3-4 meals a day, and I’ll never go back to to 6 meals a day/eating every 2-3 hours.

    In my 3rd week, I’m noticing that the hunger pangs have pretty much disappeared in the morning. Not sure how long I’ll do IF for, but I won’t be afraid to skip breakfast in the morning any more. It’s probably something I’ll at least do on weekends.

    I’ll admit I enjoy some of the articles on T-muscle time to time, but it’s a joke how they continue to scam the public with some of their products.

    • JC says

      yea, that’s how I am with IF these days. I do it when it’s convenient and eat breakfast when I want/need to.

      Congrats on crossing over to the other side and proving to yourself there is existence outside of the high meal frequency dogma.

  6. Ty says

    I hate spending money on E-books (usually 3x the price of published books, which I don’t get) only to find I’ve been ripped off. My first book was BTFFTM by Tom Venuto and is was freaking awesome. The ones after that, not so much. Now I just try to get my info from great sites like this one and fitness black book. I like Martin’s site, but I still don’t quite “get it”. What’s my point you ask? There’s two:

    1. Lesson learned on the self published books/programs, usually they’re a let down. There are some books I’d like to read (e.g. Eat Stop Eat, Rapid Fat Loss Handbook), but I just can’t bring myself to pay the price and take the chance after getting burned several times.

    2. I still don’t see how taking in a certain amount of protein stops muscle loss. At one time I was eating 3 chicken breast and a couple protein shakes a day and STILL lost muscle over a period of about 6 months. This is the missing piece to the entire puzzle for me.

    Keep up the good work JC. Peace

    • JC says

      I feel your pain on e-books.

      What was going on during that 6 months? did you maintain strength? what was your training like?

      • Ty says

        I did maintain strength, and maybe slightly gained some. But not near as fast as I am using high carb post workout meals.

        At the time my routine was Mon – Fri
        Mon – Chest
        Tues – Back
        Wed – Shoulders
        Thur – Legs
        Fri – Arms/Abs

        That was my bro-tactic routine lol.

  7. says

    Old Tmuscle at it again.

    Shame though, I really like a lot of Bowden’s work. Dislike over generalized statements, but he is a smart guy.

    What I don’t get is how they are able to get so many great coaches to write for them.

  8. Barry says

    Hey JC.. I’m sure you’re familiar with Alan Aragon’s writing on meal frequency. He concludes at the end of “An Objective Look at Intermittent Fasting”:

    “A haphazard/randomly variable meal frequency, not necessarily a lower frequency, negatively impacts thermogenesis, blood lipids, and insulin sensitivity.”

    So I wonder then if it’s a good idea to use intermittent fasting “sometimes” as you indicated you do above.

    Great article anyway. Brad Pilon is a much more effective advocate for intermittent fasting. Not because of anything he’s done per se, but mainly because Martin Berkhan is such a colossal asshole.

    • JC says

      I use it only when it’s convenient for me. and right now, IF is convenient during the weekends when I’m on full hustle mode. But during the week at school, I’m up at 5 am, then class at 8, then training afterward. Breakfast just makes sense.

      Hate it that you feel that way about Martin. I’m a fan.

    • Eric says

      Are you reading the article of his site? Alan has changed his.view a bit on IF since then. Martin has it cataloged on his site somewhere.

    • DeKay says

      “… but mainly because Martin Berkhan is such a colossal asshole.”

      Because he called you out for being a whiny bitch on Facebook, perhaps? And the subsequent Hatin’ post on MI? Well, here you are whining once again, and proving Martin correct once again. Nice.

      • Barry says

        Hi DeKay. You sound like a wonderful, cheery person too. You and Martin must get along wonderfully.

        Now, not to get technical or anything but aren’t you whining about my whining?

        IF sucks, Martin’s an asshole and I’ll say it again if I need to. Call it whining. I could not care less.

        • Matt says

          “IF sucks, Martin’s an asshole and I’ll say it again if I need to”

          As soon as a debate stems from disagreements over subject matter to personal attacks, then you can rest assured that the winner has been identified.

  9. Eric says

    My favorite quote from their article:

    “it might be the only TRUE breakthrough in the world of high-performance nutrition in the past 20 years.” CT


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