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Hello JCDFitness readers.

About a month ago, I decided it was time for a new look for JCDFitness – something more appealing and less cluttered.  The old design was great but I felt you, my beloved reader, were in need of something less busy and more content-focused.  So, I began drawing out some ideas on paper for the layout, what I wanted for the sidebar, color ideas and user-friendliness.

After stripping the code and starting completely from scratch, I hacked away into the wee hours for a few weeks.  I finally came up with something I could live with and everyone whom I revealed my test server to had nothing but good things to say.  Okay, so at least I know I am not color-blind.

If you look around, you’ll see there is only one sidebar as opposed to two.  The reasoning for this is to place more focus on the content – not on random links.  I’m taking a less-is-more approach here.  Call it Feng-Shui or maybe I’m just attempting to become more Zen-like during my quarter-life crisis.

I’ve added my Facebook feed – so if you’re into that sort of thing, fan me.  I’m attempting to be more active on Twitter so bare with me if you’re an avid Tweeter (Twitterer?).

I also had the cover of my e-book redesigned.  The kid who performed these services did a fantabulous job and I will use him again for upcoming, SuperSekrettm projects I have forthcoming…

Another new aspect to the site is the home page.  It’s now housed at where all the articles used to be.  If you click over to the home page, you’ll notice a nice little welcome message and the most recent articles to date with fancy thumbnails to boot.  You’ll probably also notice that I mention being on, and Alan Aragon’s esteemed research review.  ‘Tis true; within the last 60 days I’ve had articles on all three.

Your Healthy Diet: It Doesn’t Have To Be Boring! – This is my first article on
Getting Big Without The Big Three – This article is also my first on  I’ve already started on a few more and plan to continually contribute to their article directory.  Unfortunately, I cannot refer you to my article titled Trading Neuroses for Cheesecake and Homebrew on the AARR.  It was actually a client case-study.  However, if you’re into getting all the nerdy, hard-to-understand fitness studies broken down in an easy-to-comprehend format, $10 bucks a month is chump change.  Plus, you get access to all the back issues…

Now, allow me to point your focus to the page in which the articles are now housed:
I decided to place them here as it makes navigation much easier.  No need to worry about delivery options.  If you’re on my email/RSS list, you’ll continually get updates whenever I publish something new, fresh and sizzling.  Therefore, whenever I decide to reveal the Fat Loss Sekretz™ for $1097 dollars, you’ll be sure to know of the discounted price.

Another feature I coded into the site is navigation by page number.  Just scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll have a numbered system to take you back into JCDFitness time.

Oh, I just thought this was cool and extremely useful for my sometimes long-winded and rather wordy articles.  In the footer, you can click on Back To Top and it will spring you back up to, umm, the top, with no need to wear out your fingers from all that scrolling.  Some people just aren’t too interested in phalangeal hypertrophy I suppose.

The last place I want to direct your attention to is the Start Here page.  This was highly requested and I’m glad to provide for all of you.  This is basically a starting point if you’re new to the site and want to get an idea of what I’m all about.  Or, you could simply read my No-BS Approach to Looking Great Naked.  I will continually update the “start here” page over time.  If you have any articles you’d like to see or think are important to be on this page – just holler over email or in the comments.

I appreciate any feedback and suggestions you may have.  If you find any bugs (ticks, spiders, and centipedes) just let me know and I’ll squash them.

Also, thanks to the guest articles you all submitted.  It’s been really helpful during the time I was recoding the website. I’ve since ceased accepting any further submissions but it will open up again eventually.

Finally, I just want to thank all of you for reading and sharing my work.  It absolutely means the world to me.  I’d love to hear from you in the comments.  GO!

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  1. Eric says

    I figured out what I was missing, the recent comments section (or is it somewhere and I’m just blind. Some times people would insightful questions or comments on older articles and it was easy to see where they were made.

  2. says

    God damn, your “share-it” icons are getting bigger and bigger… what the fuck are you feeding them?! Just uh, make room for one more eh? *wink*

    But I’m really diggin this simplistic look… in comparison, mine now seems busier than the soccer stadium during FIFA finals.

    And that’s a trippy submit button. Someone was def smoking the good stuff while designing that.

  3. Elfling says

    OMG, thank you for reposting the pumpkin cheesecake recipe- I was looking for it at and the link is dead. :brofist:

  4. JC says

    @Skyler : Heh, c’mon, now.

    @Jon: thanks a lot. glad it’s out of my hair – Now onto more articles and being focused on content once again!

  5. says

    New website looks great man, keep up the good work. The “Start Page” is also good for both the new readers to learn and the current readers to re-learn. lol.


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